~Bali Retreat 2024

Teachers : 
Francesca Heinz Marino, Ellen Watson & Micha Merrick

Location :

Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali

Green witch wild craft
Women's wellness

March 6 - 13, 2024

Embodied Herbalism

                                of the Esalen Institute shares her practice of embodied herbalism and invites you to celebrate your essential nature through the use of herbs, flowers and hot spring waters. Enjoy a week of body-centered herbalism experienced through ceremony, song, herbal massage and flower bathing rituals. Discover new ways to harmonize your life with the cycles of nature, finding joy and connection with the green growing world around you.

~Awaken your ability to work with plants on an intuitive and relational level

~Discover medicinal, magical and mythological energies of healing herbs

~Learn a time honored technique to fold and tie herbal poultice bundles, a craft that blends art, magic and intention with sensory delight

~Experience giving and receiving herbal massage as a ritual of renewal and rite of passage, supporting women in all phases of life

~Soak in Flower Baths in Hotspring waters

~Circle together in the beauty way, honoring feminine nature

Reconnect to your own ancestral wisdom, the magic of plants, the sacredness of our earth, and our connection to each other. Come away with a sense of yourself as a Green Witch, with tools and rituals to support your own healing path and share with the ones you love.

icha Merrick


Micha Merrick

Hormone Harmony

                                                    of The Well n' Wild is a Laguna Beach based nutritionist, herbalist, and women’s wellness educator whose teachings emanate from her extensive education in holistic healing, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, cooking, and nutrition.

She will be teaching her signature program Hormone Harmony at our upcoming retreat. Hormone Harmony: The Woman In Rhythm will take you back to that which we all should have been taught at 14 years old. We will explore the 4 phases of our cycle: Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal. We will learn where our hormones are at, how our energy levels are, and how to best support ourselves through each phase by adapting our nutrition, movement, and lifestyle to our cycle.

It’ll unlock this innate wisdom we all carry inside, it’s what we know to be true just didn’t know there was a method for.

rancesca Heinz Marino

Francesca Heinz Marino


Touching Essence

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Oh baby, I AM IN

Touching Essence is a multi-sensory, multi-cultural, neo-shamanic approach to healing through touch. A Touching Essence session can include skilled touch, breath and sound healing, the use of essential oils, mantra & prayer. Using a map of 8 Chakras and Chinese Meridians, along with creating a mantra through affirmation and visualization of desired outcome, giver and receiver co-create a unique healing session.
                         will introduce the Essential Elements of Healing Through Touch, and weave these classes into the fabric of our time together. We’ll enjoy time in the hot springs pools for aquatic bodywork, and bring the fluidity of the water to our practice at the table.

llen Watson


Ellen Watson

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Francesca Heinz Marino

A Laguna Beach based nutritionist, herbalist, and women’s wellness educator whose teachings emanate from her extensive education in holistic healing, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, cooking, and nutrition.

Micha Merrick

Micha Shares embodied herbalism as a heartfelt communion with our living ecosystem.

Mentored by woman's healers in Thailand, spiritual midwives in Bali, and wise-woman herbalists in New England, Micha facilitates mind-body healing through herbal bodywork rituals, doula services, intuitive counsel and transformational retreats worldwide. Micha is a faculty member of the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur California, where she creates a weekly ritual flower bath and shares an energetic healing practice combining sound, touch, herbs and intention. Her clients find sanctuary and grounding in connection with the earth.

Ellen Watson

Ellen Watson has studied, practiced, and taught at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, since 1984. While calling Esalen ‘home’, Ellen worked in the garden, office and kitchen, where she ‘cooked her way through school’. Using Esalen as a school of Universal Consciousness Studies with a focus on the Somatic and Healing Arts, and cross cultural spiritual practices. Ellen’s mentors in facilitating visionary medicine journeys, were Terence McKenna, Stanislav Grof, and Native American Medicine Healers.
As a licensed minister, and Grof Breathworker, Ellen delights in opening the portals for herself and others to embodying Spirit and Soul.

Ellen has practiced and taught and trained teachers at Esalen and globally in Esalen®Massage & Bodywork, since 1988. Ellen founded Moving Ventures, Inc, in 1996.
Ellen developed Touching Essence™, a multi-cultural, multi-sensory, neo-shamanic approach to healing through touch. Joining Ellen on the faculty of Touching Essence are Elena Gilli and Daniela Urbassek.

A student and teacher of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms®, and strongly influenced by Continuum® Movement, Ellen developed along with Ashley Johnson and Daphne Tse, The Vibrance Collective. TVC’s mission is “Dancing, Singing , and Touching The World Awake’.

Ellen currently offers retreats, professional trainings, cultural immersions, and healing journeys worldwide.

Venue & Accommodation

For this program, accommodation is available at Mimpi Menjangan, Bali. Contact Us for information on private accommodation upgrades or any further information about Mimpi Menjangan, Bali.

On the North-West coast of Bali in the village of Banyuwedang, Mimpi looks out towards the Menjangan Island. The area is notorious as a hot-spot for diving and snorkelling and just a little further down the coast a regular dolphin hangout.

Pricing & Payment

*you will be redirected to Moving Ventures for payment

*please pay in full at time of registration

A Green Witchcraft

Shared Courtyard Villa


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A Green Witchcraft

Private Courtyard Villa


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A Courtyard villa features two twin/double beds with a mezzanine, private garden area, and tub which may be filled with hot spring water.

The entire unit is for two people, you will be sharing the room with another individual of the same gender. This is the best option for friends or solo travelers 

For a taste of luxury, enjoy a Courtyard Villa to yourself for maximum comfort and privacy. Enjoy your own spacious area with a garden and hot spring bath for total relaxation.

The entire unite is private for a single person. This is the best option for solo traveler.

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March 6 - March 13, 2024

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